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Premium Tropical Golden Pineapple Box

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This mighty pineapple needs no introduction. Also called ananas, believe it or not, it's native to South America. The Europeans called it Pine-Apple because to them, it resembled a pine cone. Pineapples are exotic fruits although they are so common that we don't consider them as such anymore.

These pineapples have an amazing flavor profile. They are sweet, juicy, and refreshing. Pineapples have many health benefits are low in calories and are packed with nutrients and antioxidants and these are huge and as fresh as they come.

If you are looking for the Pinkglow™ Pink Pineapple, you have the wrong box. These golden pineapples are delicious but are definitely not pink.

What's in the box?

The box contains 4 large Golden Pineapples.

All this is great but the reality is that these pineapples are delicious, are pretty huge, fresh and especially hard to find at the moment. Get them while you can.