Blood Orange Box

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Small (5 Pounds) Regular (8 Pounds) Large (16 Pounds)

Blood Orange Box

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Small (5 Pounds) Regular (8 Pounds) Large (16 Pounds)
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Product description

Blood oranges are the preferred citrus of the foo foo foodies and influencers, both real and imagined. Why have a regular orange if you can pretend to be a vampire? I don’t know if you’ve seen TV lately but the night ghouls are making a comeback.

What gives blood oranges their vibrant color? Believe it or not, it’s because it has pigments that are commonly found in flowers but not so much in citrus.

What does it taste like? Definitely like a supercharged orange. It has a hint of raspberry and a slight grapefruit note with an overall popping sweetness that makes them unbelievably better than a regular orange. Perhaps that's why they are becoming more popular.

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