TropiSummer Fruit Box


TropiSummer Fruit Box


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The Summer we've all been waiting for is here! As the long tradition from our fruit ancestors requires, we’ve created a box to celebrate the hottest season of the year. Since we don’t want our Tropifruiters to ever be bored, we’ve added some jazzy, refreshing, and yummy fruity treats that we know you’ll love.

Here is the seasonal fruity lowdown:


  • Passion Fruit - just came back in season and are a refreshing summer favorite.
  • Hawaiian Plantains & Sugarcane - not the easiest to find and scream summer, at least to us! 
  • Dragon Fruit - These are beautiful and luscious; they make great salad companions and resonate with the whole "nature’s cereal" crowd.
  • Mangos - You can’t find mangos like these anywhere else. You can surely make a nice smoothie, juice, or just slice it and slurp away if you want the full mango flavor experience. They were picked just at the right time, so they are as sweet as they get.
  • Pinkglow Pink Pineapple - This unique variety is super sweet and simply delicious.
  • Mamoncillos- The Spanish Lime tastes like a Lychee that married a lemon but without the high citrus notes. It’s tangy and sweet, with a hint of tamarind and it feels refreshing in your mouth. Perhaps that is why it’s a popular summer beach snack.
  • Finally, our very own specialty, Tropical Avocados - These avocados are a few cuts above the rest, especially those puny ones you overpay for at the supermarket. They are creamier, oxidize less, and just one can probably feed a whole family.

So, that’s it. We’ve put together a super nice seasonal mix of Tropical and Exotic fruits that we know you'll love. Get your TropiSummer box today or gift it to friends, family or just show it off at the office. We don’t guarantee you a promotion, but this will surely put you on the shortlist.


Our boxes may vary slightly because of seasonality and availability or State of California fruit restrictions for the customers ordering from the golden state. We'll always do our best to give you an awesome exotic fruit assortment. 

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