Kumquat Fruit Box

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Small (3 Pounds) Regular Box (5 Pounds) Large Box (8 Pounds)

Kumquat Fruit Box

$69.00 $79.00 -13% OFF


Small (3 Pounds) Regular Box (5 Pounds) Large Box (8 Pounds)

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Kumquats are pretty amazing fruits. These little fruits explode in your mouth with a citrusy tart flavor that's just unforgettable. They are the smallest members of the citrus family but they do surely pack a flavor punch.

The name Kumquat means golden orange in Chinese as this fruit is originally from China. Lucky for us, it's now grown in many parts of the world, including Florida.

Kumquat Highlights:

  • Completely Edible Delight: Enjoy these little fruits whole—peel, seeds, and all.
  • Naturally Sweet and Tart: The kumquats’ peel is delightfully sweet, which beautifully complements the tangy flesh.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for eating fresh, making preserves, or adding a zesty twist to your dishes and salads.

You can actually eat the entire fruit including the peel, the seeds and of course, the flesh. The peel is pretty sweet and a favorite of Kumquat lovers. 

How do you eat them? You can just eat them like a grape, the whole thing. They are also popular for preserves and they are often pickled to add as a flavor punch for salads and other dishes.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The Kumquat Fruit Box offers a unique snack and culinary ingredient that’s both healthful and delicious. Perfect for those who love to explore new flavors or add a citrus spark to their meals. Don’t wait—add this box of zesty delights to your cart now!

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