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mangosteen Box 7 Pounds Fresh Mangosteen For Sale Online
Purple Mangosteen Fruit Box from $119.00
Exotic Fruit Lovers rejoice! We’ve got the crown jewel, the queen of all fruits, the elusive, seductive, and much revered purple Mangosteen. It’s said that Queen Victoria would bestow a knighthood to anyone who could get her fresh mangosteen. Since UPS wasn't invented at the time, alas, no titles were granted. The Mangosteen is round with a reddish and purple rind with a white creamy flower-shaped flesh. The flavor is so unique that it is hard to describe. People that taste these things for a living say that it feels like a combination of a Lychee with strawberry and peach notes. We just think it tastes pretty darn special. 
The rind of the so-called Queen of Fruits and Fruit of the Gods has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries, but the texture and flavor are what truly leave you wanting more. Getting a fresh Mangosteen is a rare privilege, one that we can provide you, no knighthood necessary. You are most welcome! Now available in 3 box sizes!
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Haitian Mango BoxSmall ( 5 Pounds) Haitian Mango Box
Haitian Mango Box from $69.00
This is it! The Rolls-Royce, the ultra, the pinnacle, the ultimate mango variety. The sweetest, yummiest and most addicting mango ever. Finally here after a long seasonal and well-deserved break. The Haitian Francine variety, also known as Francis is a bold, sweet, and a little spicy mango that will hit you like a freight train. You won't believe your tastebuds! Handpicked at the perfect moment from the hills of Haiti, this Haitian mango has a very unique greenish and yellow color and a slight curvature that gives it a kidney-like shape with a very easy to peel skin and stringy texture. This mango grows only in small batch farms in Haiti. We've been privileged to work with the same family farm bringing it to the very eager mango lovers in the U.S. for a good 15 years.
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Julie Mango Box Julie Jamaican mangos 5 pound box
Julie Jamaican Mango Box from $119.00
OK Jamaicans, we love you but stop bugging us! If we had a dollar for every time you guys have asked us for Julie mangos, we would have a gazillion dollars in the bank without interest, no joke. So here it is! We scoured the ports, interrogated importers, and some other things we are not willing to confess to here so we could bring you this sweet and tangy highly coveted mango variety. What can we say about the Julie mango? Nothing, we are not going to say a thing. You guys know more than we ever will. We give up. We have the mangos, now, buy them before they are gone! ***We get Julie mango shipments once a week and they go pretty fast so double check if you want to expedite for a specific date with our customer service team and we’ll try to accommodate to the best of our ability.*** Next ship date is week of June 28th.
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 Tropical and Exotic Fruits Spring Fruit Box
Spring Fruit Box $119.00
After a dark year and a long winter, spring is finally here full of colors, hope and vaccinations! What a better time to create an awesome tropical spring fruit assortment that will delight your senses and make you travel to all those places you've dreamed of all of this time. It even comes with a delightful Spring 🌸 Card welcoming you to your new life. Here is what's in the Spring Fruit Box: Mamey (Sapote) - A delicious, creamy, sweet, and smooth fruit that will transport your tastebuds far, far away from an Instacart delivery. Golden Papaya - Like a regular Papaya but just better. Do you know how smaller fruits have more concentrated flavors? Brazilians go absolutely bananas for these. Manzano Banana Cluster 🍌 - Speaking of bananas, these are also called apple bananas and are one of the most popular dessert fruits in the whole wide world. Tropical Avocados 🥑 - These are not your supermarket avocados. These are huge, delicious, fleshy, and buttery. This variety will have you writing a breakup letter to those puny Haas avocados and you'll never look back. Dragon Fruit 🐉 (Pitahayas) The fruit of a cactus that's sweet and tastes like a pear married a kiwi. Popular with the smoothie and Nature's Cereal crowd. Passion Fruit: Amazing flavor packed in a little fruit. If you haven't tried it, it will change your whole world. Tropical Mangos 🥭 - Last but not least, what would Spring be without mangos? We don't know either, especially these mangos. Large, juicy, and ready to compensate for anything lacking in your life. Therapy in a box. We understand if you want to order more than one Spring Fruit Box but we have to advise you to pace yourself, it's A LOT of fruit, over 16 pounds to be particular. Spring on and order your TFB Spring🌸 Fruit Box today before we change our minds and eat the fruit ourselves. 😉
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Fresh Star Apple (Caimito) Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502009619 Fresh Star Apple (Caimito) Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502009619
Fresh Star Apple (Caimito) Box from $129.00
What's going on with all these fruits with multiple names? It's a thing, trust me. The Caimito, as we know it, also known as Star Apple, Caimito, Purple Star Apple, Abiaba, Pomme de Lait, Milk Fruit, and many more. The Caimito is a relative of the Mamey, Sapote. When you cut the skin, you can see the star pattern that gave it its name. The Caimito tastes like sweet caramel custard, that's why it's very commonly used as a dessert, just chill and eat with a spoon. Important note: Don't take a big bite out of your caimito since you only should eat the interior fruit flesh. That pulp around the seeds is where it's at. Needless to say, don't eat the seeds either. The Regular Box contains 5 pounds of purple caimito and the Large Box contains 8 pounds. They are both tree-ripened and hand-picked.
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Sweet Sop Box 5 Pounds Anon Fresh
Fresh Sugar Apple | Sweet Sop | Anon Box from $129.00
Sugar Apple, just saying it aloud makes you want to eat a big piece, even if you’ve never tasted it before. The Sugar Apple is also known as Sweet Sop or Anón. The fancy scientists call it Annona squamosa, we started adding their fancy names because our Tropifruiters are very inquisitive. This is what you do. It’s ripe when you can pull it apart and starts giving to the touch. Grab it with both hands and use your thumbs to separate the segments. When you separate the little knobs or lobes and expose the interior, you are in for a real treat. The creamy flesh has the consistency of a custard, like the one Grandma used to make, but this tastes much better because it has a hint of a minty finish. Sorry Granny, we still love you. Remember to take out the seeds, you can do it before you eat the flesh or just put the lobes in your mouth and work out the seeds, as the seeds are not edible. Sugar Apples are super rare and cultivated in very small batches. We only get a handful at a time and they literally fly out the door. Don't say we didn't warn you! The current variety is from Florida and unfortunately cannot ship to California.
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Tropi Love Fruit Box Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box 00879502004485 Tropi Love Fruit Box Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box 00879502004485
Tropi Love Fruit Box $99.00
Flowers and Chocolates for Valentine’s are SO 2020! Since 2021 is a year for redemption and possibilities, here is the new way of sharing your love with your favorite person. How about enjoying our new Tropi Love Box together? Here is a teaser. Lychees: The preferred fruit of emperors. At a time when men impressed women with flowers, the Chinese Emperor Tang Minghuang thought otherwise. The wise emperor sent men on a perilous journey to southern China to procure lychees for his beloved mistress, Yang Guifei, one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history according to the legend and also, according to this, one of the most spoiled. Passion Fruit: Do we need to say more? Remove your mask (literally these days) and share a sumptuous passion fruit beverage that will set the mood for a very special evening. Tropical Mango: Slice it or dice it, these mangos are juicy, special, and yes, a little messy, we thought you might like that. White Spanish Pomegranate: The perfect addition to a special dish or salad for the occasion. Red Bananas: You probably haven’t tried them and if you have, you know that they have a very special flavor that can complement a delicious dessert. And last but not least, Dragon Fruit: A perfect fruit for a recovery or cleansing bowl. Bonus: As if this box wasn't luscious and decadent enough; when you order, you’ll also get a complimentary Pinkglow Pink Pineapple. You're welcome! So, Valentine’s Day is looking a little different this year. Maybe you have to dine at home or still can’t take that romantic exotic vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best of times and be transported to a tropical destination in your own home. Get and Share Your Tropi Love Box Today. ***Please specify target delivery date in notes at checkout and we will always do our best to accommodate ***
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Free Sample of La Simeona Ground Gourmet Coffee Free Sample of La Simeona Ground Gourmet Coffee
Free Sample of La Simeona Ground Gourmet Coffee $0.00
Have a Free Sample of La Simeona Gourmet Ground Coffee on us with any valid purchase! We love it so much that we want you to try it! The Coffee has been freshly ground just prior to shipping to maximize the aroma and flavor. If you want it fresher, you have to grow it yourself! Here is the link to full-size bag we know you'll want to get after you try it!   
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Fresh Spanish Plums Order Spanish Plums Online
Spanish Plum Box from $87.00
The Spanish Plum is known by many names such as Ciruela Cubana. This little fruit has a cult following and apparently, many of those followers have been talking to Cosette on the chat requesting it so, without further ado... The Spanish plum's flesh has a golden color, it's a little sour with some tartness and has a crunchy feel to it. It tastes like a mixture between a mango and a pineapple but with that tart finish that will leave you wanting to eat more. One more thing. It's only available for a few short weeks. Cannot ship to California
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TropiSummer Fruit Box TropiSummer Fruit Box
TropiSummer Fruit Box $119.00
The Summer we've all been waiting for is here! As the long tradition from our fruit ancestors requires, we’ve created a box to celebrate the hottest season of the year. Since we don’t want our Tropifruiters to ever be bored, we’ve added some jazzy, refreshing and yummy fruity treats that we know you’ll love. Here is the seasonal fruity lowdown: Rambutans - Loved by many, these are super sweet and a perfect complement for summer concoctions of the adult variety. Passion Fruit - These are huge and super juicy; they have that unforgettable taste that you’ll crave and can add to pretty much anything summery. Dragon Fruit - These are beautiful and luscious; they make great salad companions and resonate with the whole "nature’s cereal" crowd. Mangos - You can’t find mangos like these anywhere else. You can surely make a nice smoothie, juice, or just slice it if you want the full mango flavor experience. They were picked just at the right time, so they are as sweet as they get. Golden Pineapple -  This variety is super sweet and simply delicious. Finally, our very own specialty. Tropical Avocados - These avocados are a few cuts above the rest, especially those puny ones you overpay for at the supermarket. They are creamier, oxidize less and just one can probably feed a whole family. So, that’s it. We’ve put together a super nice seasonal mix of Tropical and Exotic fruits that we know you'll love. Get your box today or gift it to friends, family or just show off at the office. We don’t guarantee you a promotion, but this will surely put you on the shortlist.
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1 Durian Durian Fruit in box
Fresh Durian from $159.00 $189.00
You’ve requested it and we delivered. We have FRESH Monthong Durian! These things are huge, spiky, and delicious and have been flown directly, fresh, NEVER frozen and shipped to you. If Mangosteen is the Queen of fruits, Durian is without a doubt the King and we are stoked to finally have a limited quantity for our beloved Tropifruiters! If you’ve never had Durian, you need to pause and consider this decision. This is not a fruit for beginners, this is definitely a connoisseur’s fruit. In fruits, just like the food world, caviar is not for everyone. For the experienced, the aroma consists of a pleasantly sweet fragrance. For the untrained, it can be a little overpowering. The taste has been described as a mixture of vanilla, diced garlic with notes of pepper, caramel mixed with whipped cream because of the creamy texture. It has a long finish that will leave the taste in your mouth for a while. Be prepared to be absolutely blown away by this flavor explosion. Who needs fancy molecular gastronomy when you can just eat a piece of Durian? Yes, nature perfected it first. This is the most expensive fruit we’ve ever procured and as always, we guarantee that it will arrive fresh. The 1 Durian box contains (1) Durian weighing about 6 pounds. We repeat, ONE durian. Uno. หนึ่ง (That’s the number one in Thai) The 3 Durian box, contains 3 durians. You see how we make it easy for you? Put on your gloves, cut into it and enjoy, with everything that’s going on in the world, we can only say YOLO!
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The Superb Francis Mango Tropical Fruit Box 00879502002276 The Superb Francis Mango Tropical Fruit Box 00879502002276
The Superb Francis Mango Box $89.00
One of the most coveted varieties of mango, the Francis or Francine is now available from Ecuador. This mango is sweet, fruity, bold and a little spicy which will take you all the way back to 2019, when the world was still normal. Handpicked in the fertile soil of Ecuador, this mango has a bright yellow skin with green overtones. Its oblong S shape makes it look very feminine and it has very easy to peel skin and stringy texture. As it ripens, the green color starts to dim and the yellow turns into a golden color. This mango grows only in small batch farms in Haiti in the summer and currently Ecuador at the moment. This box contains 8 pounds of Francis mangos.
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Red Flesh Dragon Fruit Box Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box 00879502006250 Red Flesh Dragon Fruit Box Tropical Fruit Box 00879502006250
Red Flesh Dragon Fruit | Pitahaya Box $119.00
Red Flesh Dragon Fruit, aka Pitaya or Pitahaya grows on a Cactus. No, you are not color blind, the flesh is not actually red, it’s actually a lush purple magenta color that hypnotizes with its beauty. People that taste these things for a living say that it tastes like a mix between a kiwi and a pear with earthy notes, with a sweeter flavor than their white flesh sibling.Since we are all about colors, we created a Yellow Dragon Fruit box, so we now have this box and a Mixed Variety Dragon Fruit Box for those of you who like to live on the fruit edge.This box contains 8 Pounds of Red Dragon Fruit with Red, Magenta or whatever you call that color flesh. Get Your Red Flesh Dragon Fruit Box Today.     
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Yellow Barhi Dates Box Yellow Barhi Dates BoxSmall (5 Pounds)
Yellow Barhi Dates Box from $87.00 $129.00
What is yellow, crunchy, crisp, and sweet? California Yellow Barhi Dates of course! They sweeten and soften as they ripen and will change color towards a brownish tone. The taste for these dates is unique with brown sugar and coconut notes. They can be eaten almost ripe, ripe, and even wrinkled but due to their lip-smacking flavor, they are usually eaten fresh. The season for these beauties is very short so take advantage of this chance to try something uniquely delicious. This box is now available in several sizes for the Yellow Barhi Dates, we'll leave the counting of how many dates per box to our Tropifruiters that moonlight as auditors.
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White Pomegranates Box (Granada Mollar de Elche) Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box Large Box 00879502003334 White Pomegranates Box (Granada Mollar de Elche) Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box
White Pomegranates Box (Granada Mollar de Elche) from $89.00
Granada Mollar de Elche is a white pomegranate from Spain. Grown in the fertile region of Valencia, this amazing pomegranate is incredibly sweet and has an unmistakable intense color. It makes us just sit there and look at them, they are so beautiful! What do they taste like? The Granada del Elche variety in addition to its intense flavor has a soft seed that makes it more pleasant to the palate. When it comes to pomegranates, there’s a before and after. Once you try these, all the others won't do. This is your lucky day because on the same plane we brought the Spanish Kaki Persimmons, we were able to place a small batch of these exquisite pomegranates. No, we are not ballers, I guess planes are kinda empty these days... The Regular Box has 5 Pomegranates The Large Box contains 10 Pomegranates
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Blood Orange Box Blood Orange BoxSmall (5 Pounds)
Blood Orange Box from $59.00 $69.00
Blood oranges are the preferred citrus of the foo foo foodies and influencers, both real and imagined. Why have a regular orange if you can pretend to be a vampire? I don’t know if you’ve seen TV lately but the night ghouls are making a comeback. What gives blood oranges their vibrant color? Believe it or not, it’s because it has pigments that are commonly found in flowers but not so much in citrus. What does it taste like? Definitely like a supercharged orange. It has a hint of raspberry and a slight grapefruit note with an overall popping sweetness that makes them unbelievably better than a regular orange. Perhaps that's why they are becoming more popular. Don't wait, get your box of Blood Oranges Today!   ***Cannot ship to California***
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Fuyu Persimmons Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box
Fuyu Persimmons $99.00
In Greece, they are called the divine fruit, it’s the national fruit of Japan and in the U.S. this variety is about 80% of the market. We don’t know what you guys think but the Fuyu Persimmon has something going for it. Their taste is a mixture of a rich, honey-like mild flavor that’s like nothing you’ve ever had before, unless of course… you’ve eaten persimmons :) They have fiber and vitamins that we are not going to mention because Facebook keeps blocking our listings saying that we are selling medical devices so, there... This box contains 8 pounds of Fuyu Persimmons that are going to go fast.
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Achacha Fruit Box Box of Achacha Fruit 5 Pounds for Sale Online
Achacha Fruit Box from $119.00
The Achacha fruit is a treasure from the Amazonian Rainforest in the fertile region of Bolivia. I know, you’ve probably never heard of it but it’s a close cousin of the Mangosteen, the queen of fruits and it’s in good company in the flavor profile of exotic fruit all-stars such as the lychee, longan, and rambutan.Its native name, achachairú, roughly translates to Honey Kiss. Taste it and you’ll understand. How do you eat Achacha?It’s super easy to peel by just pressing on the sides or using a knife to make a cut through the side, after that, pop the top and let the Achacha party begin. If you want to delight yourself and your family and your Instagram followers, you should try the Achacha Fruit and let us know what you think.Warning – this fruit will expand your worldview.This is by far one of the most memorable fruit flavors you’ll ever try. Sweet, tangy and truly refreshing by balancing sweetness and acidity in a way that makes it truly unforgettable and it’s even been called addictive (Facebook will block us for saying that but we don’t care, we call it like it is).
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Mango Medley Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box
Mango Medley Box $99.00
What do you call the best of both worlds plus one? No worries, we couldn't come up with a name either but for us, it's this new Mango Medley box. In it, you have Julie Jamaican Mangoes, Haitian Francine Mangoes, and Florida Mangoes. Boom! Julie Mangoes: Some say that this Jamaican treasure has no comparison and we definitely agree. If you already know the Julie mango, skip this and get your own Julie Mango Box here. Haitian Mango: A sipping Mango, you heard it here first. It's so juicy that you can just puncture a little hole in it and slurp it all up. This was invented before we had fancy blenders and smoothies. Florida Mango: A staple of the mango world. Solid, flavorful, and meaty. You can have it by itself, put it in a salad, or just make a mango shake that will knock your socks off. After dutifully devouring these mangoes and licking your fingers afterward, you can give yourself the honorary title of Tropical Fruit Box Mango Sommelier. You're welcome! This box contains 8 pounds of mangoes, approximately a dozen.
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La Simeona Supremo Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee by FRSHst La Simeona Supremo Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee by FRSHst
La Simeona Supremo Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee by FRSHst® from $14.99
What is the #1 most consumed Tropical fruit in the world? No, it’s not pineapples or bananas. It’s actually a trick question. This fruit is coffee. Coffee? Yup!It’s funny because coffee beans are not beans at all, they are just dried, fermented, and roasted seeds from the coffee fruit.Since most of our Tropifruiters love coffee and wanted a direct connection to the source, after trying many beans, regions, and variants, we found one that we think you’ll never forget.In the mountains of Medellin, Colombia, there is a cooperative called La Simeona where small family-owned coffee growers get together to produce their very special Arabica coffee. This coffee is grown at high altitudes, ranging from about 4000 to 7000 feet and is carefully harvested by hand, as the precious fruit they are. What’s so special about this coffee? For starters, it’s single-origin, which means that like wine, you can capture the terroir of the region. What are these fancy words we are using? I know, we've come a long way. The terroir is the flavor imparted into the coffee by the environment in which it is grown, such as the richness and composition of the soil, the altitude and the regional climate. Naturally-washed  This is the oldest and most traditional way of fermenting coffee but not the most common these days. Using this method, the farmers dry the ripe coffee without removing the fruit pulp or skin. This allows it to ferment using the yeast that's naturally contained within the skin and the coffee cherry, sorta like wine. The roasting process This coffee is a medium roast, roasted in very small batches. The flavor is bold with an incredible aroma. They are whole beans that you can grind to your preference and brew using your preferred method. Big coffee chains roast the heck out of coffee beans because doing so hides a lot of mistakes. That’s why it’s hard to achieve a medium roast that’s small batch and even, where you see all the coffee beans of the same beautiful light brown color. How did we get our hands on this coffee? Our partner FRSHst®, was able to secure us a batch of these amazing coffee beans. Coffee Specs: Q-Grader Scale: 86 Bean Origin: Single Origin Medellin, ColombiaCoffee Bean Variety: Castillo y Typica Supremo Specialty Coffee Finished Product Composition: 100% Arabica Craft Roasted Coffee Roast Profile: MediumStorage Instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place. After pouring the beans, seal the bag and make sure to squish the air out, which will escape through the degassing valve in the pack. Shipping: Please note that free shipping is not an option for Coffee.  Available in:  12oz Resealable Bags with de-gassing valve 24oz Resealable Bags with de-gassing valve Please note that we only offer free shipping on orders over $29. Order your bag of La Simeona Supremo Gourmet Coffee Today. You won't regret it.
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Maru Chocolate Persimmon BoxRegular (5 Pounds) Maru Chocolate Persimmon Box
Maru Chocolate Persimmon Box from $87.00
The Maru Chocolate Persimmon is by far the most exclusive Persimmon variety loved by connoisseurs and those lucky enough to have tasted it. Warning: This persimmon has been known to cause obsession. The skin color is deeper than the traditional Fuyu variety and they are just plain delicious with just enough sweetness but not overwhelming. They are also super juicy and have a nice finish with spice notes. Where does the chocolate reference come from? No, it’s not the chocolatey taste, it’s because the flesh turns brown when they ripen. People think that when the fruit turns brown it’s bad and it applies to most other fruit but not to this very special persimmon, so use this opportunity to broaden your horizons and taste something truly unique. That’s if you are lucky enough to catch them as they are probably going to be selling pretty quickly and their season is also very short!
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Box with 4 Canary Melons Canary Melons Sitting on a Scale
Canary Melon Box $88.00
The Canary Melon is also known as Juan Canary and Spanish Melon. This melon is just beautiful, we don’t get tired of looking at it, it looks like a giant candy! It makes everyone around here grin just by looking at it. The skin is bright yellow while the inside is a white flesh that’s close to a cantaloupe in texture, but the flavor is a game-changer. This is the sweetest and best-tasting melon we’ve had in a while. It’s also slightly tangier than a honeydew with apple, banana, and pineapple flavor accents. It’s definitely in its own category. It’s low on calories and it packs a nutritious punch with vitamins A and C. It pairs nicely with citrus or ginger as well as mint and cilantro, it’s loved by the fine-dining crowd and it’s a great addition to any fruit salad. What's in the box? 4 Canary Melons. Order your Canary Melon today!
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Fresh Kumquat Fruits Cumquat Fruit box
Kumquat Fruit Box from $87.00
Kumquats are pretty amazing fruits. These little fruits explode in your mouth with a citrusy tart flavor that's just unforgettable. They are the smallest members of the citrus family but they do surely pack a flavor punch. The name Kumquat means golden orange in Chinese as this fruit is originally from China. Lucky for us, it's now grown in many parts of the world, including Florida. You can actually eat the entire fruit including the peel, the seeds and of course, the flesh. The peel is pretty sweet and a favorite of Kumquat lovers.  How do you eat them? You can just eat them like a grape, the whole thing. They are also popular for preserves and they are often pickled to add as a flavor punch for salads and other dishes.
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Wax Jambu, Pomarosa fruit in a box for sale online
Pomarosa - Wax Jambu - Java Apple Box $109.00 $129.00
We have Pomarosa also known as Wax Jambu, Java Apple, Rose apple. This is a limited batch of this delicious Asian delicacy. The Wax Jambu has a refreshingly floral, not so sweet flavor. The skin is waxy but the flesh is apple-like white with a juicy, crunchy, and crispy bite. Very refreshing for a hot summer day. This box has 5 pounds. Get it while you can. ***Cannot ship to California***    
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Spanish Kaki Premium Persimmons Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box Large Box 00879502003358 Spanish Kaki Premium Persimmons Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box
Spanish Kaki Premium Persimmons from $99.00
Spanish Persimmons? Aren’t persimmons supposed to be Japanese? Here is a little-known fact; Spain is the largest exporter of Persimmons in the world! How come? The mild climate and fertile soils of the Ribera del Xúcar region in Valencia along the bank of the river produces some of the most coveted persimmons in the world.The Spanish Kakis are delicate, and this variety the Rojo Brillante is unusually sweet, plump and the flesh is nice and firm with very little astringency, in other words, as good as it gets. The Spanish are so proud of them that they export them all over Europe and we got lucky enough to get our very own batch flown first class directly to us. It’s hard to tell in the picture but these things are huge! The regular box contains 5 Kaki Persimmons The Large Box comes with 10.
Sold out -5% sale
Box of atemoya fruits Atemoya for sale online in box
Atemoya Fruit Box $189.00 $197.00
The Atemoya is probably one of the best-tasting fruits ever. These Atemoyas are humongous! We like to put them in the fridge so they chill, grab a spoon and dig in. Think of a smooth custardy piña colada in fruit form with a little tartness, semi-sweetness and a finish of vanilla notes. The Atemoya whose fancy scientific name is Annona squamosa x A. cherimola was actually developed in Miami at the beginning of the 20th century by crossing Cherimoya and Sugar Apple also called Sweet Sop. What a great idea! It grows very well in the South Florida area because it loves the humidity and the heat, unlike all of us. So, don’t fret, chill it, spoon it, mix it with orange or pineapple juice, eat it as ice cream or just by itself and enjoy this amazing fruit. Probably Miami’s greatest unrecognized contribution to humanity. But don’t eat the seeds! We have a hard time selling it to our customers because we want to eat it all ourselves, but business must go on. The only solace is that this limited quantity is going so fast that we won’t have the time to cry over it. The current Atemoya variety is very LARGE. This box contains about 9 pounds of small batch farmed, hand-picked and carefully packed Atemoyas. Due to its delicacy and your dwindling patience, it will be shipped overnight.
Sold out -17% sale
Korean Melon Box Tropical Fruit Box 00879502002863 Korean Melon Box Tropical Fruit Box 00879502002863
Korean Melon Box $99.00 $119.00
Dear Melon Lovers, here is an excuse to taste some of the very best flavors a melon has to offer. There are many varieties of melon in Korea but this variety, the Chamoe is the best known in North America, we call it Korean Melon, some people also call it Oriental Melon but as you know, we like to keep it simple. In Korea, this is the fruit that represents summer with its beautiful oval shape and yellow-orange color and it's a fruit commonly enjoyed in many parts of Asia. When you cut into it, you'll see that it's crunchy like a canteloupe, with a really nice flavor. The flesh has pear and cucumber notes, not too sweet but truly delicious. Peel the rind with a peeler and serve them chilled, add to salads, desserts, smoothies, you name it. This box contains 8 pounds of Korean Melons which is about 6 melons
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Jujubes Masao Box Jujubes on a Scale
Jujube - Masau Box from $109.00
Jujubes, also called Masau and Chinese Dates are a very popular Asian fruit that is now coveted around the world. Luckily, we got a batch for our Tropifruiters. They are sweet and chewy and a total delight to eat. When fresh, they have a taste resembling apples with a unique twist and when dried, they taste more like dates. They are commonly used in desserts, jams, and even candy. If you want to add a sweet touch to salads and other savory foods, they feel like that little surprise in your mouth that as you know, are the subtle touches that differentiate the line cook from the Michelin-star chef side you’ve been wanting to show the world. ***Cannot ship to California***
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Loquat Box Tropical Fruit Box Large 00879502003372 Loquat Box Tropical Fruit Box Regular 00879502003365
Fresh Loquat Fruit Box from $159.00
Loquats, also called Japanese plums are underrated. It’s definitely a fruit not very well-known in the US, although it’s pretty big in Asia. The flavor is pleasantly sweet, delicate, has a slightly floral touch with a hint of peach with honey, pear and apricot notes. The flesh is firm and grape-like and it’s juicy but not watery and has a great feeling overall. They love tropical areas and that’s why they grow so well in Chile in the spring, which is curiously happening now. You’ll see that they have some light brown spots on the skin but do not fret, that means that they were grown in a sunny area. They are hard to grow down here since the birds absolutely love them so the trees need to be protected. We absolutely love them and we are convinced you’ll love them too. The Regular box contains 5 pounds of loquats The Large box contains 8 pounds of loquats   ***Cannot ship to California***
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Tropical Avocado Tasting Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box Tropical Avocado Tasting Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box
Tropical Avocado Tasting Box $49.00
Would you believe it? There is more than one variety of avocado in the world! Yup. Definitely many more than you can find in the supermarket which is usually that small puny inferior avocado variety who shall not be named. Tropical avocados are much better in our humble opinion but since we know you are smart, we'll let you try for yourselves. This is what we'll do. We'll leave the tasting notes blank and we'll fill them up with your feedback and we'll publish the best-tasting notes from our Tropifruiters. This box contains 5 different Tropical Avocado varieties. Who's up for the challenge?
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Champagne Mango Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502007554 Champagne Mango Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502007554
Champagne Mango Box $99.00
Oui, oui, oui, mon chéri! Champagne® Mango aka Golden Ataulfo Mangos are now ready for the delight of your worldly palates, those that can detect all the infinitesimal nuances in flavor. If only the world could truly understand you. The good news is that the Champagne® mangos are slightly smaller, creamier, and sweeter with a cheerful aroma, but we are sure you’ll be able to describe it better. The seed is also smaller than the usual mango seed size so you can enjoy more delightful flesh. Score this mango and slowly consume the small cubes while lifting your pinky, pair it with your favorite Brut Rosé while imagining you are traveling first-class in a post-pandemic future going to an exotic destination where you are going to be pampered and positively spoiled. One can only dream. So, don’t fret, get your box of Champagne® Mangos and start your virtual voyage today.This box contains 8 pounds of Champagne Golden Ataulfo Mangos.
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Gamboge | Yellow Mangosteen Fruit Box Tropical Fruit Box Large (8 Pounds) 00879502003396 Gamboge | Yellow Mangosteen Fruit Box Tropical Fruit Box
Gamboge | Yellow Mangosteen Fruit Box from $139.00
Native to Southeast Asia, the Gamboge Fruit, also called Yellow Mangosteen or Lemon Mangosteen is a treat, if you like sour and tangy fruits that is. They are very aromatic, the skin is smooth, pretty thin, and delicate. The flesh has a creamy consistency that's very pleasant. The flavor is mostly sour and tangy with a hint of sweet and similar floral notes as the mangosteen. Definitely a treat for our Tropifruiters. The Regular box has 5 pounds of Gamboge Fruit The Large box has 8 pounds of fruit ***Cannot ship to California***
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Indian Bitter Melon Indian Bitter Melon
Indian Bitter Melon from $88.00
The incredible Indian Bitter Melon is Here! This box is bursting with the taste and mystery of faraway lands and this amazing "vegetable fruit" - also known as bitter melon - that has been traditionally eaten in Asia for centuries. This watermelon relative could be right up your alley if you're looking for new flavors and textures on your next plate! The Indian bitter melon is a superstar with many names. It's called bitter squash, bitter cucumber, bitter gourd, goya, nigauri, peria and ampalaya among many others. How do you eat Indian Bitter Melons? Indian bitter melon is a healthy and low-calorie vegetable, which has a crunchy husk. They can be cooked in different recipes, or eaten raw in salads. Once prepared, it will have a water-like texture with an even more intense taste than before! They're best served by themselves or they can be mixed into rice dishes for added flavor. Live a little and try something different for a change!
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Macadamia Nuts Macadamia Nuts Box DIagonal
Floridian Macadamia Nuts from $79.00
Few things in life are more satisfying than eating Macadamia nuts, yes, we said it! We are Macadamiaoholics. We love them so much that we wanted to bring them to delight our Tropifruiters. Why you may wonder?For starters, we love the soft crunchy texture and their buttery flavor. They are just delicious and have good fats to boot. That’s why they are even approved by the Keto nuts! (Pun intended!) As you can see in the picture, these macadamias have a shell so we recommend you roast them to make the shell brittle and easy to break. This way you get the coveted, mind-numbing flavor, if not, they taste more like raw coconuts which are not bad, but we want you to have the full experience.Macadamias are so delicious that they are almost in a category of their own and they are actually more expensive than pine nuts, chestnuts, and of course, almonds. Why are Macadamia nuts so expensive? Let’s start with the fact that Mother Nature insists on having Macadamia trees start producing nuts after about 7 to 10 years. As you can imagine, in an iPhone-fueled modern world, it’s hard to wait 7 seconds for something, let alone 7 years so they require a lot of planning, expense, upkeep, and just plain resolve. That’s why when farmers finally get their crops to produce and harvest them by hand, don’t blame them when they put their pinky in the corner of their mouth and are like, I want “One Miiiilliiiiion Dollars”.  Just kidding, they want a heck of a lot more, but I digress. People want more macadamias than are actually available, so the price keeps going up. You know, the old supply and demand.That’s why, if you haven’t tried these beautiful shelled macadamias, you totally should and of course, let us know when you are totally blown away and we’ll be like… we told you so.Get your hands on these delicious Floridian Macadamia nuts today. 
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Asian Pear Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box Asian Pear Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box
Asian Pear Box $99.00
Also known as the Korean pear, Chinese pear, Japanese pear or apple pear because they are shaped like apples. In ancient times, the Asian pears were reserved for the nobility. No wonder why throughout the centuries, pears are a symbol of good fortune and immortality. In Japanese culture, they were even believed to ward off evil. This is without a doubt the fruit for 2020. I don’t know about you guys, but we need a heck of a lot of that this year. They have a delicate taste are fragrant, super crunchy, sweet, and delicious. Asian pears are juicier that a regular pear and have a hint of pineapple flavor. Some people compare it to a sweet Jicama. They are great in salads and can be also used for cooking and baking. Definitely a treat. This box contains 8 pounds of Asian pears.
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Mountain Soursop Box Tropical Fruit Box Mountain Soursop Box Tropical Fruit Box
Mountain Soursop Box $109.00 $129.00
Another victory for the Tropical Fruit Box team! We got a small batch of Mountain Soursop, those who enjoy the sciences call it Annona Montana, it's also called wild custard apple or guanabana de monte. We just like the common name, it gives it a rugged sort of feeling like you are eating something that was specially brought down a mountain, just for you. The Mountain Soursop is a close cousin of the Cherimoya or Custard Apple and of course, our very own favorite, the Soursop. This beautiful fruit has vibrant and dark green skin, is the size of a softball, and is covered with soft fleshy spines with a yellow flesh that's almost like pulp but the flavor is where it at. What does it taste like? The first thing you'll feel is the aroma, you should take a couple of deep sniffs so you get to appreciate it. Then, scoop it out with a spoon and taste the soursop-like flavor that's slightly sour and with a hint of bitterness that rounds it off quite nicely. If you haven't tried it, this is one of those connoisseurs treats, an important part of your fruit education. This box contains 8 pounds of Mountain Soursops, which is about 6 delicious fruits.
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Donut Peach Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box Donut Peach Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box
Donut Peach Box $99.00
It’s been called luscious, peculiar, and interestingly shaped but the Donut peach, also called Saturn or White Peach stands on its own. A descendant from the wild pan peaches of Asia, these beauties are very special. They have the perfect qualities of a crowd-pleasing fruit such as being low in acidity and very sweet. This is as refreshing as a summer fruit treat gets and like I heard somebody say at the farmer’s market once, nobody doesn’t like these peaches. This box contains 8 pounds of Donut Peaches. Don't wait to order, they won't last long!
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Haitian Joumou Squash Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502004454 Haitian Joumou Squash Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502004454
Haitian Joumou Squash Box $99.00
Joumou Squash is the main ingredient in Haitian Joumou Soup. A New Year Tradition that dates all the way back to January 1st, 1804. The Joumou has a checkered past but it’s a beautiful story of redemption. According to the story, the French masters forbid the Haitian slaves from enjoying Soup Joumou, a delicacy reserved only for the white colonizers. After a 12-year struggle, Haiti became the first country to have a successful revolt that ended slavery. When Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared Haiti’s independence from the French colonizers, Soup Joumou became a symbol of freedom and a celebration of Haiti’s independence. This is why, on January 1st, if you are Haitian, no matter what part of the world you are in, you are making Soup Joumou and indulging in this tasty dish that has come to be known as Freedom Soup. This box contains 16 pounds of Joumou Squash
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Hachiya Persimmon Box Hachiya Persimmon Box
Hachiya Persimmon Box from $87.00
Hachiya Persimmons are here! We finally got them! We've been chasing these beauties for a while and we are here to tell you that we finally found a sustainable source. We can't keep our eyes off the beautiful golden orange color but that's not all, the fragrance and the flavor with a delicate sweet flavor with notes of mango, honey and apricot. 
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Dosakai Melon Box Dosakai Melon BoxRegular Box (8 Pounds)
Dosakai Melon Box from $88.00
Dosakai Melons are the undercover melons of the fruit world. Some people say they are melons, others that they are cucumbers, honestly, we don't have time to argue. Neither do you. One thing we all agree upon is that they kickstart any Indian-inspired dish. You'll find them in pickles, chutneys, curries.

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