TropiSpring Fruit Box


TropiSpring Fruit Box


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After a long, long winter, spring is finally here full of colors and flavors! What better time to create an awesome tropical spring fruit assortment that will delight your senses and make you travel to all those places you've dreamed of all of this time? It even comes with a delightful Spring 🌸 Card welcoming you to all that the new season has to offer us.

Here is what's in the TropiSpring Fruit Box:

TFB Florida Wildflower Honey - Our newest addition to TFB products, deliciously rich and decadent Florida Wildflower honey.

Pinkglow Pineapple 🍍 - a supercharged pink pineapple. It has a hint of cotton candy with an overall popping sweetness that makes it unbelievably better than a regular pineapple. 

Mango 🥭 - who doesn't want a juicy, juicy, tropical mango?

Blood oranges, Golden Papaya and Goldenberries - sweet and tangy!

Tropical Avocado 🥑 - These are not your supermarket avocados. These are huge, delicious, fleshy, and buttery. This variety will have you writing a breakup letter to those puny Haas avocados and you'll never look back.

Dragon Fruit 🐉 (Pitahayas) - The fruit of a cactus that's sweet and tastes like a pear married a kiwi. Popular with the smoothie and Nature's Cereal crowd.

Spring on and order your TFB TropiSpring 🌸 Fruit Box today before we change our minds and eat the fruit ourselves. 😉

***Please note fruit variety may vary slightly due to seasonal availability***

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