Passion Fruit Box



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Passion Fruit Box



Small (3 Pounds) Regular (5 Pounds) Large (8 Pounds)

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We finally got Passion Fruit in Spanish is also known as Maracuya, Maracuja, Granadilla, Lilikoi and many names all over the world! In Puerto Rico they call it Parcha and they absolutely love it!

This fruit is very special. The name of it doesn't come from where you might think. The name was given by the Spanish Catholic Missionaries in the sixteenth century traveling through the South American region where this fruit is native. They called "La flor de las cinco llagas o for de la pasión" in English the fruit of the five wounds since it resembled the wounds of Christ or the fruit of passion so the name passion fruit stuck.  

What does Passion Fruit taste like?

This fruit packs a punch, flavor wise it has a tropical slightly tart, and sweet taste with an unmistakable aroma. It's no coincidence why it's used in preparing drinks and some countries even make a flavored soda from it. One interesting fact is that Passion Fruit is technically a berry since the whole fruit is fleshy.

When is Passion Fruit Ripe?

This fruit is very peculiar and unmistakeable when it's ripe. You leave it in the counter until it gets wrinkly, after the skin is looking a little dry with visible wrinkles, you cut it open and extract the pulp. It can last a couple of weeks at room temperature and about 30 days in the refrigerator.

How do you eat passion fruit?

Hopefully with a spoon! The pulp is delicious and you can use it to make drinks, juices or just eat it straight with a spoon. We recommend some sweetner since it's pretty tart but it's a very special tartness that defines this fruit and makes it completely unique. Once you've tasted passionfruit, you'll love it and want to have more.

What are some of the Passion Fruit Health Benefits?

Passion fruit is high on nutrients, low on calories, and packs an antioxidant punch. It contains fiber, Vitamins A and C, and minerals such as Iron and Potassium. It's been said to lower high blood pressure but 

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