Mango Medley Box


Mango Medley Box


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What do you call the best of both worlds plus one? No worries, we couldn't come up with a name either but for us, it's this new Mango Medley box. In it, you have Rainbow Mangoes, Haitian Francine Mangoes, and Alphonso Mangoes. Boom!

Rainbow mango: A delicious non-fibrous and sweet elongated mango grown in the fertile soils of Florida. 

Haitian Mango: A sipping Mango, you heard it here first. It's so juicy that you can just puncture a little hole in it and slurp it all up. This was invented before we had fancy blenders and smoothies.

Catalina Mango: A prized Dominican creamy golden yellow and non fibrous mango that's loved for it's sweetness and delicious flavor.

After dutifully devouring these mangoes and licking your fingers afterward, you can give yourself the honorary title of Tropical Fruit Box Mango Sommelier. You're welcome!

This box contains 8 pounds of mangoes. 

**If you are in California, any Floridian variety will be swapped out for another due to import restrictions***

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