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Spanish Limes | Mamoncillos | Guineps | Quenepas Box

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Wait until you try this one! The Spanish Lime is the fruit with a thousand names. It’s known as Mamoncillo, Guinep, Quenepa, Limoncillo, Mamón, Jocote, you get the point. Why does it have so many names? We can only guess that every country that has it, likes it so much they want to make it theirs. No joke. People are serious about this little fruit! The Puerto Ricans love it so much that they even have a national festival celebrating the Quenepa, which is how they call it. 

Other than how it looks similar to a key lime from the outside; the Spanish Lime could not be more different from a citrus. It’s actually a cousin of the Lychee, Rambutan and Longan, some of Tropical Fruit Box’s fan favorites. 

What do Spanish Limes taste like?

The Spanish Lime tastes like a Lychee that married a lemon but without the high citrus notes. It’s tangy and sweet, with a hint of tamarind and it feels refreshing in your mouth. Perhaps that is why it’s a popular summer beach snack.

How do you eat them?

The skin is like a shell, it cracks open pretty easily, you can cut it with a knife like the civilized person you are or you can just have an adventure and open it by biting down on it (don’t tell your dentist).

Once the shell cracks, remove it and you’ll see the peach-colored translucent orange flesh. Put it in your mouth and chew the flesh off the seed. The flesh is pretty stuck to the seed so you are going to have to work for it. When you are done, get rid of the seed and repeat.

How many in the Box?

This box contains 8 pounds of Spanish Limes.

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