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White Malanga Box

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How big are the boxes?

  • The regular box contains 8 pounds
  • The large box contains 16 pounds

These weights are 100% malanga. We never weigh the packaging and always err in your favor. These are not time to be skimping on food.

About the Marvelous Malanga

Malanga is a staple in the Hispanic culture. It's a delicious tuber which is prepared in many ways, boiled, in puree, fried, in chips, you name it! Its taste is pretty unique (in a good way) and it has many health benefits to boot.

The Malanga is hypoallergenic since it doesn't seem to cause allergic reactions in most people, we commonly feed malanga puree to babies as some of their very first meals.

The Malanga contains vitamins A and C and a number of B vitamins and it's loaded with fiber, one cup of malanga has 7 grams of fiber which is pretty high up there in the daily consumption.