Tropical Wellness Box Specialty Box Tropical Fruit Box Tropical Wellness Box Specialty Box Tropical Fruit Box
Tropical Wellness Box
from $69.00
This is the perfect box to stay at the top of your 2024 health game. Honey - our newest addition to the Wellness box, TFB Florida Wildflower honey to add to your teas or desserts. Dragon Fruit - is a delicious fruit from a cactus that tastes like a kiwi married a pear.  Tropical Avocado 🥑 - this avocado is so much bigger than the ones you are used to; they are the equivalent of 3 to 4 of the ones you buy at the store. They are loaded with healthy fats and potassium! Ginger - It’s commonly used in teas, smoothies, and food. Turmeric - Is commonly used in teas, food dishes, and soups. Limes, Pineapple, Mango and Guava - need no introduction and are loaded with vitamin C! The Large Box contains 14 pounds of fruits and roots. The Regular Box Contains 8 pounds. We never weigh the box and packing materials. Just the fruit. ***Please note fruit variety may vary slightly due to seasonal availability and box size selection***
Create Your Own Tropical Roots Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502008445
Create Your Own Tropical Roots Box
You asked for it and we delivered! Pick your own roots, peppers, plantains, and other seasonal produce. How does it work? Choose above by clicking or tapping 3 to 6 types of roots or other items and we’ll fill up the box to the very top. If you’d like more quantity of one than another, you can just let us know in the notes at checkout. Simple. How much in the Box? At least 16 pounds of actual roots and or the other items you picked. Since the roots, peppers and other items are different shapes, sizes, and weights, we always err in your favor, so you get a little more. If you have a favorite one, let us know in the “notes” at checkout and we will do our best to put extra!
Box of Fresh Turmeric Fresh Turmeric for Sale
Turmeric Box
Turmeric is commonly used in Indian and Asian Cuisine and you might recognize it as one of the ingredients in curry. These days people use it as a flavor-boosting ingredient by adding them to smoothies and of course, for everyday cooking. We have this little jewel of a root and it's ready to ship. This box contains 3 pounds which is a perfect quantity if you are planning on adding it to your diet.
5 Pounds of Ginger Ginger For Sale on a Scale
Tropical Ginger Box
We have Ginger! The world may be coming to an end but we just got a fresh shipment of everyone's favorite Ginger and they are packed with delicious flavor. Ginger is one of those roots that you have to love, they go with so many cuisines and these days, even the juicers are using them. The flavor is spicy, sweet and pleasantly sharp. You have to see them, believe it, these ginger roots are plump, juicy, and super fragrant and they snap when you bend them, that's how fresh they are. Where does our Ginger come from? We get our Ginger from our partner farms in Ecuador and Costa Rica. How many roots in the box? This is a 5lb box, It's about 3 per pound so about 15 pieces in the box!
Banana Bonanza Box Produce Box Tropical Fruit Box Banana Bonanza Box Produce Box Tropical Fruit Box
Banana Bonanza Box
Here is a quiz for you. Do you know the difference between a banana and a plantain? Think about it, most people haven’t given much thought to this but here at Tropical Fruit Box, our staff brainiacs are always thinking about fruit so here goes…ready? The banana, you can eat raw and the plantain, you better cook. Plantains are larger, of much harder consistency, and require preparation although we hear that some people eat the Hawaiian plantain raw, but you know, to each its own. So, without further ado, for all of you plantain and banana lovers, we give you the Banana Bonanza Box! What’s inside? Manzano Apple Bananas, Red Bananas, and Burro Plantains. Here is a little about each. Manzano Apple 🍌Banana Cluster - These are like mini bananas that taste like a cross between an apple and a banana and believe it or not, are one of the most popular dessert fruits in the world. Red Bananas - No, they are not angry, they are just a little blushed. They are sweeter, plumper and some will say have a raspberry-ish finish. They are more pudding-like and have an awesome texture which you should try if you are trying to change things up. Burro Plantain - This is the powerhouse of cooking plantains. You can use them green or ripe for many dishes. It’s tangier than a regular plantain and when it’s ripe, it’s very creamy and citrusy. Definitely something to live for. This box has about 8 pounds of bananas and plantains that will help you break the boring meal regime you’ve been keeping in quarantine. We totally feel you. Order your Banana Bonanza Box today.
White Malanga (Taro) Box White Malanga (Taro) BoxRegular Box ( 8 Pounds)
White Malanga Box
from $49.00
Malanga is a staple in the Hispanic culture. It's a delicious tuber which is prepared in many ways, boiled, in puree, fried, in chips, you name it! Its taste is pretty unique (in a good way) and it has many health benefits to boot. The Malanga is hypoallergenic since it doesn't seem to cause allergic reactions in most people, the Hispanic culture commonly feed malanga puree to babies as some of their very first meals.
Yuca (Cassava Root) Box No Google Tropical Fruit Box Yuca (Cassava Root) Box No Google Tropical Fruit Box Regular Box(8 Pounds)
Yuca (Cassava Root) Box
from $59.00
What we know as Yuca or Yucca is the root of the Cassava plant native to South America has many names; it's called Manioc, Mandioca, and Macaxeira, among others. The Yuca is a fibrous and starchy root with a nutty taste that's a staple in many countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America.If you have never tasted it, you are in for a treat. You can just peel it and boil it and then prepare a "sofrito" with sauteed onions, garlic, olive oil, orange, and lemon or even better, you can use bitter orange to give an extra special taste. Here is the recipe.The Yuca is pretty nutritious too loaded with protein, healthy carbs, and almost no fat. Contains Vitamins A, C, K and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Phosphorous, among others. How much in the Boxes? The Small Box contains 5 pounds of Yuca The Regular Box contains 8 Pounds of Yuca The Large Box contains 16 Pounds of Yuca Get your Box of Yuca Today and Enjoy This Tropical Root Treat  
Tropi Holiday Box Produce Box Tropical Fruit Box Tropi Holiday Box Produce Box Tropical Fruit Box
Tropi Holiday Box
The weather is changing and after a tough year all around, we are all looking for food to warm our hearts and tummies. This box is an amazing combination of the best seasonal tropical roots, cooking peppers, and avocados that will bring nothing but savory comfort this holiday. We’ve partnered with the talented Chef Tatiana from Boston’s Envoy Hotel to create 6 finger-licking recipes using the ingredients in this box so you can share the warmth of a tropical holiday with your loved ones. What’s in the Box? 16 pounds of Roots, Fruits & Peppers 1 Calabaza 2 Huge Tropical Avocados 3 Sour Oranges 2 Pieces of Sugarcane 2 Pounds of Cachucha Pepper Burro Green Plantains Recipes Included Grilled Breakfast Avocado Roasted Garlic Whipped Yuca Maple and Chili Roasted Calabaza Cachucha Pepper Jelly Sugarcane Dark N’ Stormy Sour Orange and Bourbon Marmalade Get your Tropi Holiday Box Today
Tropical Root Box Produce Box Tropical Fruit Box Tropical Root Box Produce Box Tropical Fruit Box
Tropical Root Box
Tropical roots are more than a tradition for the Caribbean and other tropical regions of the world, they are part of our culture. A culture that evolved without processed foods where these tubers and roots were sliced, diced and included in every dish imaginable. Why did we include corn if it's not a root? Good question! All we can tell is that it's been a popular requested combination and it looks great in photos so, there! Besides, when you try this fresh corn, you'll never want to buy the supermarket corn again. The Tropical Root Box Contains A combination of the freshest tropical roots currently in season. We will fill up your box with the items listed below until the box is full (at least 16 lbs). Malangas Boniatos Yucas Chayotes Burro Green Plantains All of our produce has been naturally grown and responsibly sourced. Order your Tropical Roots Box Today.
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Pepino Melon Pepino Melon Scale
Pepino Melon Box
from $69.00
What’s oval-shaped, looks like a teardrop, is yellow, and has purple stripes? Pepino Melon, of course! Pepino means cucumber in Spanish and melon… well the name gives it away. So, what is it? Is it a cucumber or is it a melon? We’ll… it’s complicated. This beautiful South American evergreen is a close cousin of the tomato and the eggplant. It has a delicate sweet taste that ranges between the cantaloupe and cucumber with vanilla and pear notes so it has a pretty unique mellow flavor. Kick your salads up a notch with these beauties and impress all your friends, Instagram followers (real and fake) and even yourself! Order your Pepino Melon Box Today.
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Florida Corn Box Florida Corn BoxSmall (3 Pounds)
Florida Corn Box
from $49.00
Corn is just amazing. Also known as Maize, it was domesticated by indigenous people in Mexico over 7,000 years ago and nowadays is one of the most important and essential crops in the United States.  Is Corn a vegetable, a grain, or a fruit? This is a great answer for your trivia games! Corn sometimes is eaten as a grain, sometimes is consumed as a vegetable but the smart people in the botany world, you know, the ones that know about this stuff classify it as a fruit. How about that? This Florida Corn box packs a big punch of sunshine, they are huge, sweet, and super delicious. Get yourself a box and you’ll see for yourself.   ***Please note, that this is not allowed into California.***
Fresh Malanga Lila Box Fresh Malanga Lila Box
Fresh Malanga Lila Box
from $49.00
Malanga Lila is a beautiful root vegetable. Delicious, starchy and with a down to earth taste. How do you eat Malanga Lila? You boil it, fry it, bake it, add it to hearty soups like Sancocho, puree it, mash it, whip it and make some of the most delicious fritters that will make you ponder about your relation to food and how you could have missed this all your life. Although some people think they are like potatoes, we think they are way better and taste more sophisticated.When you look at a malanga for the first time, they are not the best looking of roots. The skin is hairy and bumpy and not very nice looking but once you peel it and cook it, the flesh turns creamy and delicious with a beautiful purplish, reddish color that will mute down to a grayish color when fully cooked.
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Indian Bitter Melon Indian Bitter Melon
Indian Bitter Melon
from $88.00
The incredible Indian Bitter Melon is Here! This box is bursting with the taste and mystery of faraway lands and this amazing "vegetable fruit" - also known as bitter melon - that has been traditionally eaten in Asia for centuries. This watermelon relative could be right up your alley if you're looking for new flavors and textures on your next plate! The Indian bitter melon is a superstar with many names. It's called bitter squash, bitter cucumber, bitter gourd, goya, nigauri, peria and ampalaya among many others. How do you eat Indian Bitter Melons? Indian bitter melon is a healthy and low-calorie vegetable, which has a crunchy husk. They can be cooked in different recipes, or eaten raw in salads. Once prepared, it will have a water-like texture with an even more intense taste than before! They're best served by themselves or they can be mixed into rice dishes for added flavor. Live a little and try something different for a change!
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Haitian Joumou Squash Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502004454 Haitian Joumou Squash Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box 00879502004454
Haitian Joumou Squash Box
Joumou Squash is the main ingredient in Haitian Joumou Soup. A New Year Tradition that dates all the way back to January 1st, 1804. The Joumou has a checkered past but it’s a beautiful story of redemption. According to the story, the French masters forbid the Haitian slaves from enjoying Soup Joumou, a delicacy reserved only for the white colonizers. After a 12-year struggle, Haiti became the first country to have a successful revolt that ended slavery. When Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared Haiti’s independence from the French colonizers, Soup Joumou became a symbol of freedom and a celebration of Haiti’s independence. This is why, on January 1st, if you are Haitian, no matter what part of the world you are in, you are making Soup Joumou and indulging in this tasty dish that has come to be known as Freedom Soup. This box contains 16 pounds of Joumou Squash
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Chinese Long Squash 16lb box Chinese Long Squash 8 lb box
Opo Chinese Long Squash
from $88.00
The Chinese Long Squash is also called Opo Squash, Cucuzza (not related to the Yakuza) it's a member of the calabash family and a cousin of the zucchini, an overgrown cousin that is because these Chinese Long Squashes are pretty big. They are believed to be one of the very first cultivated crops in the history of humankind, so they've been around for a while. What does the Opo Squash taste like? The flavor is pretty mild and similar to, you guessed it, zucchini. It's used in many Asian dishes and added to soups, stews, added to bread when grated and of course, everyone's favorite stir-fry.
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Chinese Eggplant Chinese EggplantRegular Box (8 Pounds)
Chinese Eggplant
from $88.00
Stir fry lovers, here is your Chinese Eggplant! You have to love the lavender purplish color and their white flesh. Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? Honestly... who cares! The only thing we know is that they are delicious! What does Chinese Eggplant taste like? They are sweeter and less bitter than regular eggplant and they hold beautifully when cooked. No wonder why they are one of the favorite fregetables (we made this word up) for stir-fry! If you Google Chinese Eggplant recipes, you'll find a million options that will leave your mouth watering so don't waste any more time. Get your Chinese Eggplant Box Today.
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Dosakai Melon Box Dosakai Melon BoxRegular Box (8 Pounds)
Dosakai Melon Box
from $88.00
Dosakai Melons are the undercover melons of the fruit world. Some people say they are melons, others that they are cucumbers, honestly, we don't have time to argue. Neither do you. One thing we all agree upon is that they kickstart any Indian-inspired dish. You'll find them in pickles, chutneys, curries.
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Fresh Galangal Box Fresh Galangal BoxSmall (3 Pounds)
Fresh Galangal Box
from $69.00
Galangal is also known as Thai Ginger and it's basically a close cousin of your beloved Ginger that has more of a citrus punch in its flavor and it's also less moist and has more of a dense texture. It's less spicy than ginger  Galanga is a root and it's often used in Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine and it's often used in soups and curries and it's the secret ingredient that takes that Tom Kha Gai soup to another level. Get your Box of Galangal root today and start making wonderful foody things happen.
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Chinese Bitter Melon 8 Pound Box Bitter Gourd Balsam Pear Box 16 Pounds
Chinese Bitter Melon
from $88.00
The Chinese Bitter Mellon, also called Bitter Gourd, Bitter Cucumber, and Balsam Pear, Foo Qua, among many other names and it's super popular in Asian Cuisine. The texture is crunchy and it's used for cooking like a vegetable. What does the Chinese Bitter Melon taste like? Duhhhh. I don't know if the name gave it away but it's REALLY bitter! The flavor is sharp, and definitely an acquired taste! Many people blanch it in saltwater to dull out the bitterness and it's a good idea to pair it with spicy foods and full flavors to balance things out. An interesting fact is that it doesn't add a bitter flavor to other ingredients when cooked, it keeps it all to itself. There are too many good recipes for this pretty common gourd in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, China and India. Get Your Chinese Bitter Melon Box Today.

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