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Tropical Ginger Box

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We have Ginger! The world may be coming to an end but we just got a fresh shipment of everyone's favorite Ginger from our partner farm in Ecuador and Costa Rica.

You have to see them to believe it, these ginger roots are plump, juicy and super fragrant.

Ginger root is loaded with bioactive compounds and it's full of nutrients. It has so many uses in so many different cuisines.

Ginger is said to relieve symptoms of nausea during pregnancy, helps reduce muscle pain for people and it has anti-inflammatory properties and according to a study, it may lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Want to see more of the wonderful properties of Ginger? Read this article.

Where does our Ginger come from?

We get our Ginger from our partner farms in Ecuador and Costa Rica.

How many roots in the box?

This is a 5lb box, It's about 3 per pound so about 15 pieces in the box!

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