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Indian Bitter MelonRegular Box (8 Pounds)

Indian Bitter Melon

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The incredible Indian Bitter Melon is Here! This box is bursting with the taste and mystery of faraway lands and this amazing "vegetable fruit" - also known as bitter melon - that has been traditionally eaten in Asia for centuries. This watermelon relative could be right up your alley if you're looking for new flavors and textures on your next plate!

The Indian bitter melon is a superstar with many names. It's called bitter squash, bitter cucumber, bitter gourd, goya, nigauri, peria and ampalaya among many others.

How do you eat Indian Bitter Melons?

Indian bitter melon is a healthy and low-calorie vegetable, which has a crunchy husk. They can be cooked in different recipes, or eaten raw in salads. Once prepared, it will have a water-like texture with an even more intense taste than before! They're best served by themselves or they can be mixed into rice dishes for added flavor.

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