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White Pomegranates Box (Granada Mollar de Elche) Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box Regular Box 00879502003327

White Pomegranates Box (Granada Mollar de Elche)

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Granada Mollar de Elche is a white pomegranate from Spain. Grown in the fertile region of Valencia, this amazing pomegranate is incredibly sweet and has an unmistakable intense color. It makes us just sit there and look at them, they are so beautiful!

What do they taste like? The Granada del Elche variety in addition to its intense flavor has a soft seed that makes it more pleasant to the palate. When it comes to pomegranates, there’s a before and after. Once you try these, all the others won't do.

This is your lucky day because on the same plane we brought the Spanish Kaki Persimmons, we were able to place a small batch of these exquisite pomegranates. No, we are not ballers, I guess planes are kinda empty these days...

  • The Regular Box has 5 Pomegranates
  • The Large Box contains 10 Pomegranates