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Maru Chocolate Persimmon Box Tropical Fruit Box

Maru Chocolate Persimmon Box

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Warning: This persimmon is been known to cause obsession. The Maru Chocolate Persimmon is by far the most exclusive Persimmon variety loved by connoisseurs and those lucky enough to have tasted it. The skin color is deeper than the traditional Fuyu variety and they are just plain delicious with just enough sweetness but not overwhelming. They are also super juicy and have a nice finish with spice notes.

Where does the chocolate reference come from? No, it’s not from Chocolate taste, it’s because the flesh turns brown when they ripen. People think that when the fruit turns brown it’s bad and it applies to most other fruit but not to this very special persimmon, so use this opportunity to broaden your horizons and taste something truly unique. That’s if you are lucky enough to catch them as they are probably going to be selling pretty quickly and their season is also very short!

This box contains about 8 pounds of persimmons.