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Mamey (Sapote) Fruit Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box Large Box (5 to 6 Mamey) 879502005215

Mamey (Sapote) Fruit Box

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Have you ever tried a Mamey Fruit? We call it mamey but it's also called sapote, not to be confused with black sapote which is a different type of fruit altogether. They are so delicious that it's hard to eat just one.

We had so many requests that we had to create a box just for Mamey! These mamey fruits are from right here in Florida and are humongous! They are 2.5 to 3 pounds each!

How many Mamey Sapotes are in the boxes?

  • These are pretty large at 2 to 3 pounds each so we can fit about 5 to 6 in each large box. The box weighs in at 16-18 pounds.

The bad news...

The bad news is that the season is almost over with only a few weeks left.

Buy your Mamey Fruit Today

Order a box, have a nice mamey shake or just eat them with a spoon and if you have a couple left, take the pulp out with a spoon, put them in a freezer bag and you'll have mamey for a few more times!

Order your tropical box of mamey today and let me know what you think when you get it. I know you'll love it.