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Fresh Loquat Fruit Box

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Loquats, also called Japanese plums are underrated. It’s definitely a fruit not very well-known in the US, although it’s pretty big in Asia.

The flavor is pleasantly sweet, delicate, has a slightly floral touch with a hint of peach with honey, pear and apricot notes. The flesh is firm and grape-like and it’s juicy but not watery and has a great feeling overall.

They love tropical areas and that’s why they grow so well in Chile in the spring, which is curiously happening now. You’ll see that they have some light brown spots on the skin but do not fret, that means that they were grown in a sunny area. They are hard to grow down here since the birds absolutely love them so the trees need to be protected.

We absolutely love them and we are convinced you’ll love them too.

  • The Regular box contains 5 pounds of loquats
  • The Large box contains 8 pounds of loquats


***Cannot ship to California***