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Fresh Lychee Box

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Lychee is back, the variety is Mauritius from South Africa which is a paler light pink color. 

This is a rare find during this season, especially in December. 

The lychee is a sweet fruit with bumpy skin and a woody texture. It’s a close cousin of the Rambutan and the Longan that we’ve featured recently. They are about the size of a golf or ping pong ball with a translucent white flesh that has the texture of a grape but a little firmer. Inside, you’ll find a beautiful brown seed. (Don’t eat the seed, please.)

The taste has been described as floral and that’s exactly what we think it tastes like. It’s sweet, refreshing and it’s been a favorite of restaurants and bars for exotic drinks like martinis, mojitos, and sangrias.

If you’ve never tasted Lychee, you are going to love this little fruit. It’s incredibly refreshing, and you’ll never forget its flavor.

The Small Box contains 5 pounds of Lychees and the Regular Box contains 8 pounds.

Get your Lychee before it’s gone. We have a limited batch now, so order your box today and enjoy!