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Introducing the Pinkglow™ Pineapple

We got it! After many requests from our sophisticated Tropifruiters and other Fruitalites, we finally have a very limited quantity of the magnificent Pinkglow™ Pineapple from Fresh Del Monte in all its glory.


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  • Exquisitely colored and sweet tasting, the perfect pairing for salads, spritzers and endless culinary delights

Where did you get it? They'll ask...

  • The Pinkglow™ Pineapple is the perfect conversation piece. The rarest of fruits grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Costa Rica and now available at Tropical Fruit Box to impress and delight.

The Perfect Gift

  • If you were wondering what gift will make you stand out among all others, look no further. The Pinkglow™ Pineapple has a limited supply and is among the rarest culinary delicacies.

An Insta-Worthy Experience

More elevated and refined than a traditional pineapple, Pinkglow™ Pineapples are sweeter, less acidic, incredibly juicy, and have a cotton candy finish. The perfect pairing to elevate your next Insta-worthy culinary masterpiece.

Each Pinkglow™ Pineapple comes with a certificate of authenticity and its own precious cargo box

Quantities are extremely limited. Order your PinkGlow™ Pineapple Box today.

Sold out

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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