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Moroccan Mandarin Box

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Did you know that Mandarin Oranges are considered a symbol of good fortune and abundance during the Chinese New Year? Lucky us, we just got a shipment of very special mandarins from Morocco.

The climate in Morocco is ideal for growing citrus, nestled between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and due to this climate bonanza, Morocco produces about 1.4 million tons of mandarins but they are so good that very few make it out and we are lucky to bring them to you.

These beautiful fragrant mandarins have great depth of flavor and a fantastic acidity balance. The peel is easy to remove, are sweet and have a beautiful orange skin. They are perfect for snacking on the go and kids absolutely love them.

We all could use a little bit more good fortune these days so order your box of Moroccan Mandarins today. (Fortune not guaranteed)