Strawberry Pinkglow™ Double Delight Box


Strawberry Pinkglow™ Double Delight Box


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Hey there! Have you heard about the awesome new Strawberry Pinkglow™ Double Delight Box from Tropical Fruit Box? Our team, who knows a ton about yummy fruits, came up with this fantastic idea. They noticed that our friends (we call them Tropifruiters) really love Red Strawberries and PinkGlow Pink Pineapples together. So, we had a lightbulb moment: why not put them together in one super yummy box?

And that's how we made the Strawberry Double Delight Box! It's a big hit, especially because it's Friday, and who doesn't love a special treat to kick off the weekend?

In this box, you'll get not one, but two (2) crates of delicious, juicy Florida Red Strawberries, along with one (1) amazing PinkGlow Pink Pineapple. It's a perfect mix of flavors and so much fun to eat. Plus, it'll look great in your Instagram photos and might even get you a bunch of likes!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Strawberry Double Delight Box today and join in on the fruity fun!

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