La Simeona Supremo Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee by FRSHst®



12oz Bag 24oz Bag

La Simeona Supremo Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee by FRSHst®



12oz Bag 24oz Bag

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What is the #1 most consumed Tropical fruit in the world? No, it’s not pineapples or bananas. It’s actually a trick question. This fruit is coffee. Coffee? Yup!

It’s funny because coffee beans are not beans at all, they are just dried, fermented, and roasted seeds from the coffee fruit.

Since most of our Tropifruiters love coffee and wanted a direct connection to the source, after trying many beans, regions, and variants, we found one that we think you’ll never forget.

In the mountains of Medellin, Colombia, there is a cooperative called La Simeona where small family-owned coffee growers get together to produce their very special Arabica coffee. This coffee is grown at high altitudes, ranging from about 4000 to 7000 feet and is carefully harvested by hand, as the precious fruit they are.

What’s so special about this coffee?

For starters, it’s single-origin, which means that like wine, you can capture the terroir of the region. What are these fancy words we are using? I know, we've come a long way. The terroir is the flavor imparted into the coffee by the environment in which it is grown, such as the richness and composition of the soil, the altitude and the regional climate.


This is the oldest and most traditional way of fermenting coffee but not the most common these days. Using this method, the farmers dry the ripe coffee without removing the fruit pulp or skin. This allows it to ferment using the yeast that's naturally contained within the skin and the coffee cherry, sorta like wine.

The roasting process

This coffee is a medium roast, roasted in very small batches. The flavor is bold with an incredible aroma. They are whole beans that you can grind to your preference and brew using your preferred method. Big coffee chains roast the heck out of coffee beans because doing so hides a lot of mistakes. That’s why it’s hard to achieve a medium roast that’s small batch and even, where you see all the coffee beans of the same beautiful light brown color.

How did we get our hands on this coffee?

Our partner FRSHst®, was able to secure us a batch of these amazing coffee beans.

Coffee Specs:

Q-Grader Scale: 86

Bean Origin: Single Origin Medellin, Colombia
Coffee Bean Variety: Castillo y Typica
Supremo Specialty Coffee Finished Product Composition: 100% Arabica Craft Roasted Coffee Roast Profile: Medium

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place. After pouring the beans, seal the bag and make sure to squish the air out, which will escape through the degassing valve in the pack.

Shipping: Please note that free shipping is not an option for Coffee. 

Available in: 

  • 12oz Resealable Bags with de-gassing valve
  • 24oz Resealable Bags with de-gassing valve
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