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Ramon's Guava Marmalade

This Guava Marmalade is one of the most delicious guava recipes there are. You can eat it as a desert with cream cheese, use it as a filler for pastries or just eat it out of the jar with a spoon. It's that good. Seriously.

It's also pretty simple to make.



  1. Wash guavas thoroughly

  2. Minimally slice off guava stem and discard.

  3. Quarter the guavas, removing seeds.

  4. Place guavas into boiling pot with water covering them for about 5 minutes, loosening them without losing texture.

  5. Blend water and guavas together until smooth.

  6. Boil the blended pulp for 20 min over medium heat.

  7. When it reaches a boil, add sugar and salt, stirring continuously until incorporated. Adjust sugar according to taste. 

  8. Serve hot or cold with cream cheese. 

Make sure you make plenty because after you make your first batch of this guava marmalade, you'll be hungry for more!

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