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Taste the Exotics Fruit Box

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🆕  Our customers get what they want. You asked for a box that will allow you to sample some of the most exquisite and exclusive exotic fruits of the season and here it is. Many of these fruits are small-batch and available for a very short window in the season.

This month we have an 8-pound box featuring: Cherimoya, Rambutan, Golden Berries and Dragon Fruit.

The taste of Cherimoya or Custard Apple is an elevated combination of tropical flavors that combine notes of coconut, pineapple, and a slight hint of banana. A very unique flavor profile indeed. Mark Twain, referred to the Custard Apple as "The most delicious fruit known to man". We agree Mr. Twain, we definitely agree. We just secured a small batch that's an amazing addition and centerpiece for this exclusive Taste the Exotics Box.

Rambutan needs no introduction. These are the sweetest and juiciest we’ve tasted this year. When you peel the skin, you can see the translucent flesh and when you take a bite, you can’t get enough. We also have a Rambutan Box available if you are a big fan.

Golden Berries: When it comes to flavor, these little berries have a tangy combination of pineapple with mango notes with a hint of tartness and a citrusy finish. It's getting harder to describe these things so we recommend you try them for yourselves! 

Last but not least, Dragon Fruit also called Pitaya. Another big hit this year. The fruit of a humongous cactus with a flavor mix that combines Pear and Kiwi hints with an elegant finish. All we can tell you is, don't stand between Dragon Fruit lovers and their fruit. Also available in its own Exotic Dragon Fruit Box.

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