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Longan Fruit Box

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Have you tried a Dragon's eye? Not the real thing, of course, the little fruit that our Tropifruiters go crazy for. Why? Not hard to guess, they are succulent, sweet, and incredibly juicy. When you bite into the translucent flesh, it feels like it melts in your mouth.

The longan is a close cousin of the Lychee and the Rambutan. It comes from the Soapberry tree and its called dragon's eye due to its contrasting white flesh and dark seed.

This little fruit is a total powerhouse when it comes to immunity. It's high in Vitamin C which helps with your defenses, it has 15 times the iron content of spinach, is good for cardiovascular health and even has properties that may slow down the signs of aging on your skin. 

If you haven't tried Longan, you are in for a treat. If you've tried it, you know what you are in for.

If you think a whole box of Longan Fruit is too much, you can create your own tropical fruit box and add longan as one of the fruits in your favorite personalized tropical mix.

This box contains 8 pounds of Longans. Order your box today