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Pinkglow™ Pink Pineapple - Multiple Unit Boxes Tropical Fruit Box

Pinkglow™ Pink Pineapple Duo Box

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Pink Pineapples are a thing! They are called Pinkglowand we distribute them under an exclusive partnership with Fresh Del Monte.

What does the Pinkglow Pineapple taste like?

The flavor is just delicious. They are succulent, sweeter, juicier and less acidic. Many people taste cotton candy but many of our Tropifruiters are mesmerized by the beautiful pink color.

An insta-worthy experience

Many top-name chefs, celebrities and other influencers have ordered the Pinkglow pineapple from us and you can tell when they’ve received it because it almost automatically shows up on their Instagram feed. Many of our customers or as we call them, Tropifruiters, confirm that they are definitely a talking piece.

They take 20 to 24 months to grow, are harvested by hand in limited quantities in a sustainable carbon-neutral farm in the rich, volcanic soil and tropical climate of Costa Rica. The reason they don’t come with a crown is because the crowns are used to replant them.

They are a popular gift but if you really want to impress, you should buy our PinkglowGift Box, it comes in a special box with a certificate of authenticity.

So many of you loved them so much and wanted to buy multiple units that we had to make it happen. This product was made possible through bioengineering.

This box comes with 2 Pinkglow Pink Pineapples