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Fresh Sugar Apple | Sweet Sop | Anon Box Tropical Fruit Box

Fresh Sugar Apple | Sweet Sop | Anon Box

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Sugar Apple, just saying it aloud makes you want to eat a big piece, even if you’ve never tasted it before. The Sugar Apple is also known as Sweet Sop or Anón. The fancy scientists call it Annona squamosa, we started adding their fancy names because our Tropifruiters are very inquisitive.

This is what you do. It’s ripe when you can pull it apart and starts giving to the touch. Grab it with both hands and use your thumbs to separate the segments. When you separate the little knobs or lobes and expose the interior, you are in for a real treat.

The creamy flesh has the consistency of a custard, like the one Grandma used to make, but this tastes much better because it has a hint of a minty finish. Sorry Granny, we still love you. Remember to take out the seeds, you can do it before you eat the flesh or just put the lobes in your mouth and work out the seeds, as the seeds are not edible.

This box contains 8 pounds of small-batch farmed, hand-picked green and red variety of carefully packed Sugar Apples. Due to its delicacy, it will be shipped overnight at no additional cost to you.

Current variety is from Florida and unfortunately cannot ship to California.