Sharon Fruit Israeli Persimmons Box



Small (3 Pounds) Medium (5 Pounds) Large (8 Pounds)

Sharon Fruit Israeli Persimmons Box



Small (3 Pounds) Medium (5 Pounds) Large (8 Pounds)

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Sharon Persimmons are here! Are you surprised? We’ve pulled out all the stops for our Persimmon Fans and now we have these delicious persimmons that can be enjoyed no matter the stage of maturity. These beauties are non-astringent and all the bitterness is gone. What’s the result? Probably some of the very best persimmons you’ve ever had.

What do Sharon Persimmons taste like?

Imagine a hint of vanilla and brown sugar wrapped in a complex flavor that is going to have you lip-smacking in no time. Unlike other persimmons, you can enjoy it before it is fully ripened since the sweet flavor carries throughout the maturity cycle.

What does this beautiful Sharon fruit look like?

The color is this beautiful orangey-yellow and if you were looking for a fruit that it visually looks like, it could be compared in shape to a tomato but the flavor couldn’t be more different. The Sharon persimmons come to us all the way from Israel since they are cultivated in the Sharon Plain and are very special and rare in the U.S. 

How do you eat a Sharon persimmon?

Yes, this is an actual question we get asked and the answer is… carefully, taking your time and pairing it with fish, shellfish, or your favorite cheese and a crisp, chilled white wine.

How do you order a box of Sharon Persimmons?

You should know by now! Add to cart, finish checkout, and typically in less than 7 days it will be at your door with our Free shipping and a unique in the industry freshness guarantee!

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