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Mountain Soursop Box

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Another victory for the Tropical Fruit Box team! We got a small batch of Mountain Soursop, those who enjoy the sciences call it Annona Montana, it's also called wild custard apple or guanabana de monte. We just like the common name, it gives it a rugged sort of feeling like you are eating something that was specially brought down a mountain, just for you. 

The Mountain Soursop is a close cousin of the Cherimoya or Custard Apple and of course, our very own favorite, the Soursop. This beautiful fruit has vibrant and dark green skin, is the size of a softball, and is covered with soft fleshy spines with a yellow flesh that's almost like pulp but the flavor is where it at. What does it taste like? 

The first thing you'll feel is the aroma, you should take a couple of deep sniffs so you get to appreciate it. Then, scoop it out with a spoon and taste the soursop-like flavor that's slightly sour and with a hint of bitterness that rounds it off quite nicely. If you haven't tried it, this is one of those connoisseurs treats, an important part of your fruit education.

This box contains 8 pounds of Mountain Soursops, which is about 6 delicious fruits.