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Korean Melon Box

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Dear Melon Lovers, here is an excuse to taste some of the very best flavors a melon has to offer. There are many varieties of melon in Korea but this variety, the Chamoe is the best known in North America, we call it Korean Melon, some people also call it Oriental Melon but as you know, we like to keep it simple.

In Korea, this is the fruit that represents summer with its beautiful oval shape and yellow-orange color and it's a fruit commonly enjoyed in many parts of Asia. When you cut into it, you'll see that it's crunchy like a canteloupe, with a really nice flavor. The flesh has pear and cucumber notes, not too sweet but truly delicious. Peel the rind with a peeler and serve them chilled, add to salads, desserts, smoothies, you name it.

For those of you interested in health and nutrition, these melons are packed with Vitamins A and C and are great for your digestive system.

This box contains 8 pounds of Korean Melons which is about 6 melons