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Jujube Box Tropical Fruit Box Specialty Box

Jujube - Masau Box

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Jujubes, also called Masau and Chinese Dates are a very popular Asian fruit that are now coveted around the world. Luckily, we got a batch for our Tropifruiters.

They are sweet and chewy and a total delight to eat. When fresh, they have a taste resembling apples with a unique twist and when dried, they taste more like dates. They are commonly used in desserts, jams, and even candy. If you want to add a sweet touch to salads and other savory foods, they feel like that little surprise in your mouth that as you know, are the subtle touches that differentiate the line cook from the Michelin-star chef side you’ve been wanting to show the world.

  • The Regular box contains 5 pounds of Jujubes
  • The Large Box contains 8 pounds of Jujubes
***Cannot ship to California***