Fard Dates Box



1 Fard Dates Box 2 Fard Date Boxes 3 Fard Date Boxes

Fard Dates Box



1 Fard Dates Box 2 Fard Date Boxes 3 Fard Date Boxes

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Sweet and Tasty Fard Dates

These Fard Dates come from Eastern Oman, where the hot, dry climate helps them grow perfectly. The name “Fard” comes from the Arabic word for “duty” or “obligation,” showing how important these dates are. Trust us, you probably have no idea how good these dates are. This is nature's candy before candy was even invented!

Our Fard Dates Box offers round, glossy dates with dark brown to black skin and will leave you wanting to lick your fingers over and over again. These dates are soft and juicy, with a rich, sweet flavor. You’ll love the unforgettable hints of honey and butterscotch in every bite.

Nutritional Benefits:

Fard Dates are not just delicious; they’re also good for you:

Rich in Antioxidants: Helps protect your body.

Natural Energy Booster: Great for a quick snack.

Fat-Free and Cholesterol-Free: A healthy choice.

Low in Sugar Compared to Other Dates: Enjoy without worry.

Packed with Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber: Supports your health.

Enjoy the sweet, rich taste of our Fard Dates. They’re perfect for snacking or sharing with friends and family. Treat yourself to a box today!

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