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Julie Jamaican mangos 5 pound box

Julie Jamaican Mango Box

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poup with stuff in it close

OK Jamaicans, we love you but stop bugging us! If we had a dollar for every time you guys have asked us for Julie mangos, we would have a gazillion dollars in the bank without interest, no joke.

So here it is! We scoured the ports, interrogated importers, and some other things we are not willing to confess to here so we could bring you this sweet and tangy highly coveted mango variety.

What can we say about the Julie mango? Nothing, we are not going to say a thing. You guys know more than we ever will. We give up. We have the mangos, now, buy them before they are gone!

***We get Julie mango shipments once a week and they go pretty fast so double check if you want to expedite for a specific date with our customer service team and we’ll try to accommodate to the best of our ability.*** Next ship date is week of June 28th.