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Fresh Star Apple (Caimito) Box Tropical Fruit Box Produce Box

Fresh Star Apple (Caimito) Box

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What's going on with all these fruits with multiple names? It's a thing, trust me. The Caimito, as we know it, also known as Star Apple, Caimito, Purple or Green Star Apple, Abiaba, Pomme de Lait, Milk Fruit, and many more.  The Caimito is a relative of the Mamey, Sapote.

When you cut the skin, you can see the star pattern that gave it its name. The Caimito tastes like sweet caramel custard, that's why it's very commonly used as a dessert, just chill and eat with a spoon.

Important note: Don't take a big bite out of your caimito since you only should eat the interior fruit flesh. That pulp around the seeds is where it's at. Needless to say, don't eat the seeds either.

The Star Apple is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, Calcium, and Phosphorous, and has many nutrients.

This box has two Caimito varieties, purple and green, and contains approximately 8 pounds of fruit. They are both tree-ripened and hand-picked. 

*Please note these are not allowed into California.