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Spanish Kaki Premium Persimmons

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Spanish Persimmons? Aren’t persimmons supposed to be Japanese? Here is a little-known fact; Spain is the largest exporter of Persimmons in the world! How come? The mild climate and fertile soils of the Ribera del Xúcar region in Valencia along the bank of the river produces some of the most coveted persimmons in the world.

The Spanish Kakis are delicate, and this variety the Rojo Brillante is unusually sweet, plump and the flesh is nice and firm with very little astringency, in other words, as good as it gets. The Spanish are so proud of them that they export them all over Europe and we got lucky enough to get our very own batch flown first class directly to us.

It’s hard to tell in the picture but these things are huge!

  • The regular box contains 5 Kaki Persimmons
  • The Large Box comes with 10.