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June Plum Box

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OK Jamaicans, here we go again. We now have June Plum available! A close cousin to the Mango, the succulent June plum is a thick, leathery-skinned plum that can be eaten when ripe or even unripe.

Also known as Golden Apple, Ambarella, Pomme cythere, Mangotín, Jobo Indio, Kedondong, Manzana de Oro, Tonga, Hog Plum and a few other names. The reality is that many countries and cultures love the June Plum but Jamaicans are the ones that ask for it more often, a lot more often.

How do you eat it? Do we really have to tell you that? Other than peeling the skin and eating it like a proper fruit, people make refreshing drinks, desserts, jams and it’s served with meats, seafood and other dishes. They are frequently pickled, so it shows their versatility.

The June Plum's flesh has a golden color, it's sweet, savory and a little sour with some tartness and has a crispy-crunchy feel to it. It tastes like a mixture between a mango and a pineapple but with that buttery finish that will leave you wanting to eat more. It’s a little tart and sweet with pineapple, apple and mango notes.

This fruit has amazing health benefits with plenty of calcium, vitamins A and C, phosphorus and iron among many others. It’s nice to know it has these things, but people really get it for its delicious flavor.

The box contains 8 pounds of June Plums which is already selling like hotcakes or should we say that hotcakes are selling like June Plums?

Current variety is from Florida and unfortunately cannot ship to California.